Southwood Walking Trails

Recently we have taken to loading up the family into the van, dog included, and driving the five minutes to Southwood. It has the loveliest walking trails …

… and a nice shaded playground for Miss Munchkin to play on. She loves the slides and climbing and a chance to play with other children.

Penny (the dog) loves the open spaces, other dogs and animals, and cooler walking area.

Bill and I like the scenic (and shaded) walking trails.

There are geese and other birds and squirrels everywhere, along with signs of other wildlife, such as armadillos.

It is almost like taking a stroll through the back lanes of our farm years ago, only with Spanish Moss hanging from the trees!


  1. Missus Wookie

    Armadillos hmm? Sounds much more romantic than foxes and rats. 🙂 Looks lovely – not surprised you all like it.

  2. Colleen

    Armadillos are such odd looking creatures, nocturnal and very shy. It is very unusual to see one out during the day. But the dog sure can smell where they have been digging for ants. One day my dad’s dogs cornered an armadillo in his shop. They about tore apart the place, trying to get to that armadillo!

    We do have foxes here in Tallahassee. I have heard reports of rabid foxes in town, so likely there are some in the areas where we walk.

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