Monday was Memorial Day and we celebrated in fine American fashion. We drove three hours round trip to the beach and back (St. George Island), consuming a fair amount of gas in our van. And on the way home we spent too much and ate too much at a most delicious seafood restaurant. All in all, it was quite a lovely day. The surf was a little high at the beach, but the day was low 80s, low humidity, and perfectly lovely. I wish I had remembered to take my camera, but here is a picture of the same beach last summer.

St. George Island State Park

My apologies for not writing any posts here the last five weeks or so. We have had a lot of life changes going on that have taken a bit of time to adjust to. But I think we are finally getting into a routine of sorts and hopefully I will have more online time again to keep up with my blogs and websites. In late April Kat and Miss Munchkin moved in with us. Kat has enrolled at Tallahassee Community College and is working full-time, so I now have Miss Munchkin to watch all day long. She is one busy little girl! And then in early May Charles moved back to north Alabama. So we have been adjusting to increasing the household and then, within two weeks, decreasing the household. We have heard from Charles a few times and from what he says, things are going well. We hope the move is a good one for him and will help him get his life headed in the direction he wants and needs.

So, keep watch here and I will make the effort to post more frequently, I promise!