I promised some book reviews, didn’t I? Well, the first part of The Audacity of Hope review can be found at my Leaping From The Box blog. Click on over to read it and then hurry back here so you can read up on the fun I’m having teaching our youngest to drive!

Back already? Just couldn’t wait to read the hair-raising details of Charles’s very first driving day? Well, hate to disappoint you, but he actually did very well. There were no sudden stops, no veering into the ditch when meeting oncoming traffic, no corners taken too fast. There were a couple of instances of swinging too wide when turning a corner and one curb driven over while backing up out of a parking spot, but that was about the extent of the excitement. He drove over an hour in both rural and residential settings, and he even drove up around 50 mph, which was something neither of his siblings did until after several driving sessions. Hopefully future driving excursions will go equally as well.

After the driving time, then it was job hunting time, with stops at about eight different establishments, three of them to update information already given and the other five to pick up new applications. Some of the places were even hiring, so who knows? Maybe Charles will have a job soon!