… bring May flowers, right? Not here in the south. Here it is February showers and March flowers. March was THE absolutely most gorgeous time to be here in Tallahassee. There were a few too many cold mornings for my taste, but otherwise it just about perfect. No humidity. Warm some days, but not overly warm. And the flowers! Dogwood, redbud, Bradford pears, azaleas, and more azaleas! And some other shrub with small white flowers that practically knocked you flat with its cloyingly sweet aroma!

Here it is April and already Kat is complaining about the heat. She just doesn’t appreciate a good hot sun! I didn’t either at her age. Give her thirty years and she’ll come around!

I finally finished our taxes, although I have yet to file them; maybe later this week. There is really no hurry, since we owe, we owe. Now, if we were getting a nice fast refund, then I would have filed them already.

March was bookended with birthdays: Miss Munchkin’s on the 7th and Charles’s on the 27th. That meant too much chocolate birthday cake in March, which meant not as much weight loss as I had hoped, only 3.5 pounds. Still, that’s pounds lost, not gained, so definitely a good thing. Already in April I have upped the amount of my intentional exercising and if I can lose another 3.5 pounds in April, I will be very happy!