1. Today is my mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom! Hope you have a great day!

2. Old Man Winter can’t seem to let go. We were down to 25 this morning. With any luck, we’ll hit 60 degrees (F) today, which is ten degrees below average for the end of February. I will sure be glad when these cold snaps end. I am getting tired of dragging my plants in off the porch each time!

3. I visited with Miss Munchkin and Kat yesterday afternoon. When I walked in the door, MM peered beyond me and asked, “Where Pa”? Gee, a visit from Grandma isn’t good enough, but I am expected to bring Grandpa too? And then, when we finished eating lunch, she handed me my coat and purse. Don’t stay too long!

4. I have a new blog, My NASCAR Race Blog. I just began it last week, so it’s still very much in its infancy. But I am finding out all sorts of information about my family’s racing history, which I hope to add there soon! Right now you can see pics of my dad and his racecar on the “About” page. Check it out!

5. Bill and I started the South Beach Diet last Saturday. He has done it before and it worked well for him. And we both got lazy this winter, not walking enough and eating too much. My bad is sweets and snack bars. Bill loves his ice cream. We have been getting back into the walking habit, walking the dog ourselves in the evening instead of letting the boys do it. The boys appreciate that, as does Penny, since I think we walk further with her than the boys do.

6. And Bill and I have been doing some house hunting. Not seriously enough to be going to open houses yet, but just driving around neighborhoods, trying to get a feel for what is available. We figure we will be ready to buy later this year. We have found some neighborhoods we like, some we don’t. The bigger problem is meshing our desire for having a bit of space (yard/garden for me, workshop for Bill), while at the same time keeping close in to town (we have gotten used to the close availability to services and DSL), and mesh those two with our price range. We may have to give up a bit here and there!