Seven Interesting Things About Me

I was tagged by Sandra to list seven interesting things about me. I was tagged at my LeapingFromTheBox blog, so my post there dealt with learning and education. Here I can be more personal.

1. My family says I am a control freak. I don’t think I am, but who am I to argue? I don’t live with myself!

2. I would rather drive than ride with anyone, other then maybe my father. And sometimes I’m not so sure about him. And I would rather drive than fly, mostly because I hate the wait in airports and the layovers. I could have been there already!! And I want to be able to stop when I want, sight see when I want, get a snack when I want, see out the front window …hmm… maybe I do have control issues.

3. I love bagpipes. I have loved them since the first time I heard them at the Fergus Scottish Festival when I was a teenager, maybe even before then. There is nothing more beautiful than hearing Amazing Grace on pipes. Bagpipes make me feel like I could fly. Bagpipes are just one component in my love for all things Celtic; sometimes I think maybe I was a Celt in a previous lifetime.

4. If I could be reborn and be anything I wanted to be, I would be a songwriter/singer /musician. Maybe I could do the songwriter part now, but I do not have the talent for the singer/musician part. I believe music has a more powerful impact upon the average person’s life on a day to day basis than almost anything else, other than maybe their financial situation. I realize there are some people out there who are not really affected by music, but I am definitely not one of them.

5. Rainy days make me want to houseclean. Or rather, rainy days are the only days in which I really think about housecleaning. Maybe I just want to make the day a bit brighter by cleaning up, washing windows, etc. Likely that is one reason why I prefer sunny days to rainy days. Let all the rain come at night when we are sleeping!

6. I wrote a novel this fall during NaNo month, which was pretty much just an exercise to see if I really could finish writing a book. I have started three books in the past few years, but never gotten further than the first few chapters. One of those books is really the first in a series, which I still would love to write. And I have notes for at least two other book ideas. And none of them have anything to do with homeschooling. Oh, wait, I take that back. The series book does revolve around a homeschooling family, but the homeschooling part is not really part of the plot, just part of the character identities.

7. I hate working with money. Financial stuff stresses me out and bores me to tears. And yet it seems like I am always working with money, budgets, accounts. We have had several small businesses and I have always been the secretary/treasurer for them, along with handling all our personal accounts. And I hate it! Numbers. Blech!

I did not think writing this would be as difficult as it was, probably because I do not consider myself to be a very interesting person.

I am supposed to tag seven people, but I guess I will just let you tag yourself. If you blog this meme after reading it here, please leave me a comment with a link!

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  1. On Living By Learning

    I wonder how many bloggers are described as control freaks. Is blogging a way to control information? Or, do we become control freaks trying to create time to do our writing? Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

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