Miss Munchkin left behind one of her flash cards when she visited last week.

The Letter M
You wouldn’t think a flash card would hold much interest to a 22 month old, but Miss Munchkin is currently fascinated with letters and flashcards are a daily ritual that must be performed at least once, if not more often. Believe it or not, she knows almost all the upper case letters and many of the lower case letters. Recognizes them, says them aloud and signs them.

I’ve had fun crocheting dishcloths. Here are a couple of more:

Basket Weave Dishcloth
Blue Round Dischcloth
Since I was on a roll, I decided to make them bigger and use them on our nightstands.

Nightstand Cover
Nightstand Topper
And now I am working on a much larger one, different color, that will be an every day tablecloth for our dining room table. I have never done anything with this cotton yarn before. It is a lot of fun to use!