I hate it when my checkbook doesn’t balance. At least, I hate it when it is not in my favor. If it is in my favor, I can live with that problem for quite some time before I investigate where the error is, or more likely, errors are.

I keep my check ledger on an Excel spreadsheet and I check it two or three times weekly against my online account ledger. You would think that should mean my checkbook is always balanced, right? Wrong! I realized earlier this week that the bank seemed to think I had over $200 less in my account than I was showing. Sigh. So I spent this morning dragging out the paper copies and comparing my statement to the bank’s statement. Of course, the bank’s statement was right; it usually is. I think that only once in almost thirty years of balancing bank statements have I found a bank error.

So now I am feeling all warm and fuzzy inside, positively virtuous! My desktop is clean (that was yesterday afternoon’s job) and my bank statement is balanced. And you remember that box that I threw everything in last September when I cleaned off my desk? This morning I finally finished emptying it! Of course, there are a few piles on my bed that need taking care of now, but the box is empty and sitting by the door, ready to be thrown out!

Gee, wonder what I should tackle next? The bathroom counter? The hallway closet? Maybe I should just settle for sorting through the “from-the-box” piles on my bed so that we can actually sleep there tonight. Of course, I could always just pile them on my desk, couldn’t I?