First it was the Arctic Express. Now it’s the MissMunchkin Express due to roll through. It is definitely time to put things up high, put things away, get out the kid toys and warn Copper (the cat). I guess I could also let Penny (the dog) know that she is in for some lovin’ and extra snacks, but she will figure that out on her own the minute the little one whirls through the door tonight.

I have a lot to do before she (they, as mommy and daddy are coming along with MM too) get here, though. Some light housekeeping, mainly vacuuming and maybe mop a floor, although that’s not an imperative. A grocery run is a must-do, as I have been informed that Miss Munchkin is drinking milk, a lot of milk. Add to that the amount that her Uncle Charles has been drinking lately and I know we do not have enough in the refrigerator. And I have a few office things I need to finish up today, as I likely will not get much time tomorrow to do them.

Unfortunately, I woke up feeling tired. I think it has something to do with the two and a half-hour push last night, right before bed, to fix up a friend’s resume. It needed a lot of work and involved a lot of reformatting and rewording, and I had already spent much of the day at the computer working on my website. So my right arm and right hand and eyes are tired today, since they didn’t get a good rest last night. Usually I turn the computer off about six at night and just do not do any more office-type stuff in the evening. It is probably a good thing that Miss Munchkin is coming and will force me to take some time away from the computer tomorrow. Good news is, the resume is done. Bad news is, now the cover letter needs major revisions!

Today is my cousin Linda’s birthday! I have two female cousins on my dad’s side of the family who were both born the same year that I was. Not only that, but Linda’s birthday is exactly three months before mine. January 23rd, April 23rd. Kind of cool, huh? Roberta’s is in August, not on the 23rd, but we don’t hold that against her! I know I have always felt a special bond with those two cousins and wonder if it is because we all have birthdays in the same year. At least it makes it easy to remember how old we all are!

Have a very Happy Birthday, Linda!!!