Brrr!! I am not impressed! I had to put layers on this morning to walk the dog. Several layers, in fact. I even dug out my hand-crocheted scarf to wrap around my head and ears and neck to keep out the cold wind. We even lit a fire in the fireplace last night. It seemed to serve a purely decorative purpose, though, since very little heat came out of the grate, even when we opened the glass doors. About all that did was let in some smoke, which was not desirable.

I shouldn’t complain, really. We have only had just a few days of cold weather here since shortly before Christmas. Maybe two weeks total. But that is more than enough for me. It was 32 this morning when I walked Penny, with a wind chill of 26. More than cold enough for me!

This weekend was a quiet one as Bill studied away, preparing for another certification test. This is an update for an existing certification and the good news is, he just called to tell me he passed the test! Hurray! Now maybe he can find something else to do for a few weeks besides studying. It seems like that is all he has done for the past several months as he’s taken two update tests and two other Certification tests. Guess we will have to do something special today to celebrate!