No, we have not had snow flurries here in Tallahassee. I heard reports of snow in the air in Daytona, due to the cold weather and the moisture from the Atlantic. But while we had no snow here, it certainly has been cold enough to generate snow. Yesterday morning it was 23 degrees F, this morning 37. Still a cold north wind blowing this morning, although blowing a lot less than it was yesterday. Bill and I are definitely being reminded that we do NOT wish to live where it gets this cold frequently. He’s been having back issues with the cold and my legs have ached so! Thankfully it will be in the seventies by Sunday! Maybe we will head for the beach; we’ve not been in several months.

Yesterday was Shawn’s day off and he and Kat and Miss Munchkin came down to play Cashflow 101 with the boys. I wrote a review on this game on my Leaping blog. Check out my review and see how your family could benefit from playing the game.

Someone asked if I was doing New Year’s Resolutions for 2008. Some year’s I do, some I don’t. This year I did not. Instead I am just continuing with the steady theme of improving certain areas of our life. Eat more veggies. Get the boys to participate in the cooking more. Improve our financial record keeping and financial well being. Bigger and better for my website: more writing, more income. Lose weight. Exercise more. Slow and steady, right? Each year I make small improvements in the overall scheme of things. I seem to have more success with small improvements than big hairy resolutions.