The weekend was spent traveling to Atlanta and back, with some of Saturday evening and most of Sunday spent with relatives. My brother Eric and his wife generously hosted our family Christmas get-together. Not all members of my sibling’s families were able to attend, but most were there.

We had more than enough to eat, thanks to my niece Chelsea (and her boyfriend Michael) who spent several days prior cooking and baking. The boys played plenty of X-Box 360 and the adults just sat around eating, talking, and eating some more!Miss Munchkin did well, all things considered. Most of the people present she either had never seen or had not seen in so long that she did not remember them. And there was this big kid with fuzzy red hair all over his face (my brother Eric) who was determined she (Miss Munchkin) should like him. I think he would have had better luck if he had used the quietly bribing with cheese and chocolate tactic than the swoop in with shock and awe tactic. By mid-afternoon she was signing to her mommy “bye-bye” and saying “car” meaning she thought it was high time we should go home! Poor girl, by the time we finally did leave, she fell asleep in her car seat for a short nap, only to wake up and be confined to her car seat for another several hours. About an hour from home she finally had a total meltdown and protested the rest of the way home, rather vocally at time. I don’t think I have ever seen a little girl so glad to be home.

I am posting up some pics for all of the extended family members that live far away. If you need to ask who someone is, email me!

Michael and Chelsea David, MM and Daniel

Eric, Bill, Bob, Mary Chelsea, Michael, Judy, Eric