I just took the tree down, so that must mean that Christmas is over with. Actually, I usually leave the tree up until at least New Year’s Day, but this tree was so dry that I was really worried about it being a fire hazard, to say nothing of all the needles all over. This is the first year we have bought an already-cut tree and I do not think we will do that again. It will be worth paying a bit more for one we cut ourselves. Either that or I am going back to my artificial tree.

Anyway, so the tree is down and we survived Christmas week. And a busy one it was, at least the first half of it. After David opened his presents last Friday …

David's Twentieth Birthday
… we headed for the Japanese Steakhouse. We had a delicious and entertaining meal. The boys had the opportunity to catch (in their mouth) shrimp tossed to them by the chef, which was doubling amusing because Charles does not like shrimp and realized that about the time he opened his mouth to “catch.”

We told our waitress that it was David’s birthday, so they sang Happy Birthday to him (which thrilled him to no end, of course) and also brought him a pineapple boat for dessert. It was made totally of pineapple and maraschino cherries and was big enough for him to share with us all. And then they took this picture:

Dinner Out
It’s a little blurry because it was a Polaroid picture that I scanned. Don’t we all look totally thrilled at the prospect of having our pictures taken?!