We put our Christmas tree up over the weekend. I had intended to go back to Alabama last week and retrieve our decorations, but due to car issues, that did not happen. Instead we went and bought new decorations, which was probably actually cheaper than the cost of the gas driving to AL and back. Charles decided he was in charge of the tree, which he has done the last couple of years. I think he enjoys decorating it. But also, both he and Kat long ago decided that I was decorating-challenged. I suppose that is possibly true, as I never really have a clear idea of the look I would like for a particular room. I am more the thrift-store, hand-me-down, I-am-happy-with-my-cluttered-look person.

So Charles chose all the ornaments, not allowing me to buy even one that was outside his color theme. He then did all the decorating. This one shows the lights better, although they still do not show up well.
Lit Christmas Tree
I was allowed to do the fireplace mantle!
Tree and Fireplace
This picture includes our new audio pier, which replaced the old wooden kitchen table. I love it! It took three evenings to get everything put together, the components all in place and the wiring all tucked away. The open bottom shelf is for my stereo receiver, which is on order. Of course, I do not have any of my records here, but I will be bringing some back with me the next time I travel to Alabama.
Fireplace and Audo Pier
Don’t you just love that we have a fireplace in Florida? We have yet to use it; it has just been too warm. It would seem pretty silly to light a fire when the air conditioner is running! I saw a picture one time of candles lit in a fireplace, which gave the appearance of a fire, so maybe I will try that soon.Miss Munchkin obviously missed Penny. Here she is giving Penny a hug after we got home Monday from shopping.
Penny and Miss Munchkin
And one last picture. It is not often that I get a picture of one of my children. They all hide when the camera comes out. But here is Kat and Miss Munchkin.
Mommy and Miss Munchkin
Oh, and I have Penelope home, again! Five times she has been to the dealership due to a check engine light. Five times in the last three weeks. It has been crazy. The driver of their shuttle van and I are becoming fast friends. Hopefully, maybe, they have it figured out this time. The latest diagnosis was that the pump that was installed on visit two had the hoses hooked up wrong, intake and outtake had been switched!