Day Eleven

Another excellent day of writing yesterday. I added 8870 words to bring my total word count to 40,699. Just a little more than 9K to go and I will have done it!! Hurray!

The vertigo seems a bit worse today after being better yesterday. Not a lot worse, not like it was on Monday, but enough to notice. If I remember rightly from the last time I had a full-blown case of vertigo, the doctor prescribed some medication, but I think those meds were just designed to make you sleepy so that you would rest. I can do that without meds. If it continues much longer, though, I may decide to make a visit to the chiropractor. Bill has visited our new chiropractor, but no one else in the family has yet.

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  1. She sure is strange!

    Sorry to hear you’re under the weather. I wonder what’s up with the ear thing? My ear was hurting, not making me dizzy, but throbbing yesterday(actually since Saturday night). It feels full this morning but not like I have drainage or anything. No other symptoms except fever and being tired. Two women I know have recently had ear infections with no other symptoms(no colds, no allergies). Not sure mine is infected but it is definitely acting weird. Hope you feel better soon!


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