FlyLady Influence?

Did you notice there were no posts Wednesday and Thursday? Wednesday we had unexpected company. Miss Munchkin’s daddy had the day off from work so the whole family came to spend the day. When Miss Munchkin visits Grandma, Grandma gets no work done! And barely any computer time. So no writing, no posting here.

It is amazing the increased number of words that Miss Munchkin was saying Wednesday as compared to ten days earlier, the last time we saw her. Then it was “eat” and “car” that were very clear and “Pe-eey” for Penny and “Pa” with the appropriate ASL sign for Grandpa. Now it’s all of those, and Penny almost has some n’s being pronounced, along with “Daddy” and “Bye” and the sign for Uncle. And a lot more talking that sounds almost like real words, after several months of not so much jabbering. It won’t be long and she will be talking a steady stream.

So that explains why no writing on Wednesday. Thursday, though, that was a cleaning day. Miss Munchkin told Grandma that her house was dirty. Well, she didn’t come right out and tell me that, but she certainly demonstrated it. Kat has been following a FlyLady schedule the last several weeks and Miss Munchkin has been helping. Obviously she enjoys cleaning, since when Miss Munchkin was here she did the following:

  • Swept the balcony with her little broom.
  • Took one of Grandpa’s handkerchiefs and tried to “sweep” or “mop” the living room floor with the cloth.
  • Picked up any tuft of dog hair and returned it to Penny, setting it on top of Penny.
  • And the one time we left my bathroom door open, she found the bottle of Ivory Liquid and proceeded to dump a large portion on the floor. Then she took a wash cloth that was on the edge of the tub and began scrubbing the bathroom floor.

So yesterday I swept, mopped and vacuumed floors. Of course, that did not take all day, but it did take a fair portion of time that I normally would have spent writing. And since I still do not have Penelope back, the rest of my writing time was spent driving! Arg!

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  1. She sure is strange!

    Sounds like a really fun day! Sorry you don’t have Penelope back yet.

    Go see my halloweenie decorations I made, scroll down to the next post for them.


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