Today’s entry will be a short one, as it is race day! The NEXTEL Cup night race at Charlotte. It should be exciting! Hopefully Jeff (Gordon) will do well and keep his points lead. Only five more races in the Chase after tonight’s race! I have enjoyed this race season … it’s the first where I’ve been able to watch all the races on television (the perks of cable!).

We picked up Penelope yesterday. After a month of driving the Neon, driving Penelope sure does feel odd. It’s hard to decide whether what I’m feeling in the steering is simply the difference between the Neon and the Town & Country or if it is something more. But definitely Penelope is not feeling 100% well. She makes this very disturbing moaning sound when you turn the wheels either right or left while driving. And she badly needs a front-end alignment.

So Monday I will have to make an appointment with the Chrysler dealership so they can check her out and verify that the noise was not present before the accident. Then the insurance company will approve whatever further repairs are needed. Or so they say. We shall see!