I Won!

Whoooeeeee! I won a blog contest! Amy held a blog contest for all her readers to celebrate her first full year of blogging. And I won one of her awards! I will be getting some Rhode Island chocolate (from The Chocolate Delicacy in East Greenwich, RI), Newport Coffee Traders coffee, and a Beachcombers Guide to the North Atlantic Seashore. Maybe I’ll have to take a trip to New England beaches now! Well, not NOW, but sometime in the future. Thanks so much, Amy!!


  1. amy

    You’re welcome! I’m betting the field guide will overlap with your beaches, too. I’ll hopefully get it in the mail tomorrow.

  2. She sure is strange!

    Wooohooo Chocolate!!! Lucky you!

    The pizza crust is too easy and good. I’m not sure it is cheaper all around though, the pepperoni, veggies, cheese are expensive for just one or two meals. Will have to go do some figuring. It probably isn’t any worse than having tacos or other kinds of specialty meals.

    Oh yeah, that Miss Munchkin is ADORABLE!!!

  3. kansas crochet mom


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