Penelope was involved in a traffic accident Sunday afternoon. No humans were injured (other than maybe some self-esteem damage), but Penelope suffered major cosmetic damage and is going to need extensive work done at the body shop. The estimate I received today was for just slightly over $3800. I think that is likely the most expensive pizza run we have sent a child on! (For those of you who don’t remember who Penelope is, check the October 2006 blog archives for pics. I won’t post pics here of how she looks now. She would be too embarrassed!)

So we are down to one car to use to get everyone to work and college and karate. David is learning how the local bus system works. It looks like we might be without the van for most of two weeks, so we’ll have to decide whether we can continue the “car shuffle” or if we need to rent something to drive for the duration.

This weekend was a good one, even with the accident. Miss Munchkin stayed with Grandma and Grandpa from this past Thursday till Sunday. She is getting to that fun stage where she can somewhat entertain herself for a short while. She especially likes going “outside” (one of the few words you can understand) and on Saturday Grandma let her “discover” our balcony. She spent most of the rest of Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday going in and out, taking her cars and her ball and playing “outside.”

Grandma and Grandpa learned some new signs this weekend, like butterfly and watermelon. Signing helps the communication issues, since Miss Munchkin is not saying very many words yet that you can really understand. She’s funny … When she wants to sign something and has her pacifier in her mouth, she takes the “passy” out of her mouth, either giving it to you or throwing it down, and then she signs and speaks at the same time. She does not seem to realize that you can sign without speaking.

I took some pictures of Miss Munchkin while she was here, so hopefully I will get a chance tomorrow to get them off the camera and upload a couple here! So watch for pics tomorrow!