We had more rain yesterday. The news this morning said we had 1.64 inches. And I know we had more than that on Monday. So now the pond is at full capacity. It was overflowing last night through the sluiceways and into the overflow reservoir. Even this morning there was still some water going from the pond to the reservoir. It is amazing how much water collects in these complexes when it rains. It is obvious now that the pond is here as much for water drainage as it is for esthetics.

I was looking for Mr. Alligator this morning but I did not seem him in the pond. Instead, he is now in the reservoir. He must have gone through the sluiceway along with all the extra water. He’ll be more comfortable there, as the banks slope so he can get in and out of the water at any time. In the pond there were no banks, just stone walls, so when the pond level was low, there was no way he could get out of the water. Of course, getting out means he is more mobile now, but the reservoir is fenced off form the apartment complex and surrounded by open field and woods. He’ll be fine until they begin to develop that area more.

I got a better look at Mr. Bird this morning. He is a Great White Heron. And today he was joined by a lot of smaller birds. They have moved from the reservoir to the pond, obviously not liking the reservoir’s newest inhabitant.