I am Ready Now!

This morning I finished Year 6, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. I am so glad I reread it. I really did not remember nearly enough to have been ready to read Year 7. But I am ready now! Only I have to wait for Charles to finish with it. I think he has less than 200 pages, so likely he will finish it today. I sure hope so … I am not sure I can wait much longer than that!

After rereading Year 6, I no longer think that Dumbledore is still alive. Last time I read it, I was in such disbelief that Rowling had killed Dumbledore that I just did not want to believe it. So I glossed over certain statements made in the final chapters and finished the book believing that Dumbledore was under a spell or enchantment or perhaps Hagrid had spirited him away somewhere prearranged and he (Dumbledore) would come back alive in Year 7. I no longer think that will happen. He really is dead (although I will be more than pleased if I am proven wrong when I read HP and the Deathly Hallows!).


  1. ~Karen

    I have only read Books One to Three. One of these days, I am goign to have a HP marathon and read them all through to the end…

  2. Anonymous

    I so did what you did with book #6. I am reading this on Sept 3 – so my comment may be WAYYYYYYYYY outdated – but just wanted to say hi. I am brand new to the blog thing. πŸ™‚ fun!

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