Driver’s Edge and stuff

So what have I been up to this week? Mostly playing with Miss Munchkin. I drove up to Albany Wednesday morning and brought Kat and Miss Munchkin here for a few days. They were getting housebound. Not sure yet when I’ll take them home: possibly either tomorrow (Saturday) or Monday. I could do it Sunday, but Sunday is race day and the four-hour round trip would cut into my race watching!

It appears like David is ready for Orientation on Tuesday at Tallahassee Community College He’s spent quite a bit of time online and on the phone and visiting the college, trying to get all the needed paperwork submitted. He plans to take an English Composition class this summer and then begin full-time classes in the fall. We are hoping that this works out better than Evansville did last year.

Oh, and I found a great natural foods place yesterday. New Leaf Market.It has a deli, organic and local produce, and best of all, it’s a co-op! I’ll be joining after we get next month’s paycheck!

There are also three different farmer’s markets in the area, on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The one on Monday is less than a mile from me! I hope to get there next week. Last Saturday we visited the one downtown and bought loads of fresh produce and some cut zinnias. It’s so nice to have fresh flowers!

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  1. Crystal

    The natural foods place and farmer’s market sound great. I guess that’s why we have a garden. I wouldn’t mind someone else doing the work though. (giggle)

    The Driver’s Edge program sounds like fun; although, I don’t think I want a professional racecar driver teaching my kid about driving. We have non-professional, dirt track drivers for that around here.(smile)

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