Yesterday Bill was offered a job opportunity that really bears some looking at. We spent all day yesterday talking about it and today I am making a list of pros and cons so that we can make an attempt at coming to a decision.

Basically, this is a year-long contract to upgrade and maintain computers and networks of an online gaming business. Everything they need, Bill can do with no problem. And everything that Bill asked about, such as budget control, etc., did not seem to be an issue with the contractor. So the job is very doable.

The pay is excellent. Heck, the pay is beyond excellent. We could pay off all our existing bills, pay David’s college tuition for the next three years, and still put away a sizeable chunk into our retirement savings. And living expenses for the full length of the year-long contract are totally covered by the contractor.

Sound too good to be true? That is because the job is in Canada. Not just Canada, but some small Inuit Nation town in north Canada. I mean, really north Canada. So small it does not even appear on any maps that I can find. The recruiter sent us a .pdf map that shows where the town is. I did not realize people lived that far north!

So, here is my list:


  • The salary. It’s huge. Five times what Bill normally makes in one year. Since we do not have much of a retirement fund, this money would be really welcome.
  • Living in an Inuit village, learn the customs of the natives.
  • Charles likes cold weather and wants to learn to ski.
  • All living expenses paid for the entire family while living there.
  • No cooking for the entire year (they have a communal cafeteria)
  • David’s college would be paid for, with no outstanding loans when he graduated.


  • A year away from Miss Munchkin, Kat and David. We would not be able to come and go. Once you are there, you are there for the duration.
  • We would only be allowed a set weight amount of items to take with us (everything is flown in), so I would have to really plan ahead for books and such. But we would have Internet, so we could read whatever we could find online. And e-books are available from the town’s cyber-library.
  • The darkness. The job begins July 1 and we would be there until June 30, 2008. The summer months of sunshine are fine. It’s the winter months that worry me, as both Bill and I need sunshine. We’ve been assured they have sunlight-replacement bulbs and such for those people that are affected by lack of sunlight, which is both Bill and I.
  • The cold. Both Bill and I have seen enough snow to last a lifetime. But it’s a dry snow up there, right? So our joints wouldn’t ache so much?

Can anyone else think of any other pros and/or cons? Things we should consider while thinking over this job offer? Anyone have any experience living where it’s so cold for long periods of time? And if you really think that we would seriously consider such a thing, you have obviously never heard of april fool’s day!