I have been wanting the Vince Gill “These Days” CD pack ever since I first heard of it, especially when I learned that one of the CDs was totally acoustic. I put it on my Christmas list last year, much good that did. So last week I broke down and bought it. Am I ever glad I did! I have listened to each of the four CDs several times over this past week and I cannot decide which is the best. And I am wondering why I never bought a Vince Gill album/CD before?! And yes, I am old enough that I still think of them as albums and miss those wonderful album covers.

I know I just posted about technology and how confusing it can be, but I am glad that I live in this time where there is such an abundance of music. I love music. I have way too many favorite performers and CDs and music genres. If I have any say over my next life, I will come back with more musical ability. More? Hah! Maybe I should say “I will come back with musical ability” since I do not have much at all in this life.

So, what CDs can I listen to for hours on end? Here are a few:

  • Road to Drumlemon – The Full Moon Ensemble
  • Down the Old Plank Road – The Chieftains
  • Safe Harbor – The Full Moon Ensemble
  • Home – Dixie Chicks
  • Live at the Acropolis – Yanni
  • Secret People – Capercaillie
  • Harvest Home – Jay Ungar & Molly Mason
  • Out of Ireland, The Story of Irish Emigration to America, Original Film Soundtrack
  • Rainbow Man – Jeff Bates
  • The Wildlife Concert – John Denver

Those are the ones that seem to hit my CD player the most often. The ones I listen to while writing or thinking or when I just want to feel good. And I refrained from listing Christmas ones! I will have to save those for another day. And here’s another blog entry to fill up the month with nothing much of import to add to the world. Yippee!