My list is complete! Well, no, that is definitely not a true statement. I do have more books, more games and more software that I will have to sort through later on. I am just not quite ready to part with it all yet. Or I cannot get to it yet because it is out in the office building and that room needs a massive cleaning just to get into the door! But I do have the math and science books that I sorted out of David’s room last week on a massively long list, complete with descriptions and prices. And there are a few pieces of software added in on the list. If anyone would like to look at the list, you can e-mail me at and I’ll send it to you.

I sorted through my history shelves last December and felt quite proud of how many books I disposed of until Kat remarked that there appeared to be quite a few books still left. And she is right. I had five shelves full of history resources, got rid of probably 40 books or more, and those shelves all still appear to be full. What happened? Must be I had them double shelved, or piled on top of each other. So I need to go over them again with a more ruthless eye.

And then there are my language arts shelves and my biographies shelves and …. Oh, the pain of it all!!!

Oh! And yesterday Bill passed his certification test he has been studying so hard for over the past several weeks. So, in addition to his Microsoft certifications, he is now a CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate). Sounds impressive, doesn’t it? Hopefully it will translate into more hiring opportunities in a higher salary bracket!