A 30 Day Experiment

I have been enjoying “Steve Pavlina’s Personal Development Blog” and recently shared it with a friend. She pointed out to me his entry for April 30, 2005, “30 Days to Success” and then she suggested we try something similar. We have both watched the movie “The Secret” and been discussing The Law of Attraction. My friend has had some past successes with The Law of Attraction and has shared some of them with me. I am still a little uncertain about The Law of Attraction, but more about the implementation of it than the possibility of its existence.

Anyway, we have come up with our own 30-day challenge for the month of March. Each of us has set some ideas into motion, some goals, and will be accountable to each other throughout the month, hopefully seeing progress by March 31 in the appropriate areas of our lives.

I do not wish to share with the public all of my goals, but I will share this one:

    I will write a blog entry daily for the month of March. I will write about an important-to-me topic. My entry will be entertaining, supportive, and enlightening to my readers. Most importantly, each entry will be something I am pleased to have written for the public to read.

The reason behind this goal is that I want to get into the habit of writing daily. I have novels I want to finish and articles I want to write, yet I find it too easy to become distracted by life and not accomplish what I want. November will be National Novel Writing Month again and this time around I want to be able to write those 50,000 words in one month. Only by having the habit of daily writing will I stand a chance.

I doubt that 30 days will be long enough to make daily writing a habit. My past record tells me that it will take much, much longer than that to make it a habit. But it is a beginning. And you can track my progress here, since each day’s writing has to be posted on my blog or it does not count. Watch me grow!


  1. dianeinjapan

    Great goal! I too struggle with writing daily–those darned “day to day” things always get in the way! Guess I need to view writing as a vital part of my day, something that deserves attention…

  2. Shing

    Two things…

    1. If I had to sum the entire thing up, it’s that the Law of Attraction
    is all about alignment. You’ve got to do the “work” if you want to
    bring something info your life.

    This is where I think people mess up, which gives the entire thing the
    “MLM/Amway” kind of vibe. You can’t just sit around eating junk food
    and watching reruns and expect to live on the beach…regardless of what
    the infomercials say.

    People like Joe Vitale are out working. Bob Proctor is out working.
    James Ray is out working.

    2. I found a FREE book (yes, FREE) that helped me figure out all of
    this. http://www.receivethebook.com/ has it and it’s well worth the read.

    And like I said, it’s FREE. So you can’t argue that the guy is trying
    to take advantage of people looking for a “magic pill” or whatever else
    I’ve been hearing over the last 2-3 weeks since this thing hit Oprah.


  3. Hannks....

    Great info.

    I watched the Secret DVD a few months ago and got another book on Law of Attraction,
    but it didn’t really start happening for me until I wrote down my intentions. I found that to be
    VERY powerful.

    http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0975436171/ is a book I just got, which makes
    planning out your Law of Attraction goals easy. Just fill in the blanks and you’ve got a road
    map to follow. Has been working well so far.

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