I subscribe to a daily e-mail service from www.tut.com . Today’s message was this:

The great thing about change, Karen, is that it absolutely, positively, always means things are going to get even better.

Even when you don’t know how.

The Universe

Sounds good to me!

I cleaned out more books yesterday. There are 24 grocery bags full of books to take to the used bookstore at the public library. It was time to get really ruthless about how many books I have versus how many I need and how many I want to pack and move. And those were only from my fiction shelves! The shelves look a lot neater, though. Time to tackle some of the non-fiction shelves again and all those that are stored in the office building. Most of those can go to the library too!

When I finished carrying all those grocery bags to the van, I then tackled the four containers of cassette tapes. Who listens to them anymore? I saved out the comedy ones that would be difficult to replace with CDs and the rest I am going to give away. What’s the saying, if you haven’t used it in 6 months, you don’t need it? Maybe today’s the day to tackle my closet again. It seems like I’m on a decluttering roll!