Guess who brought home every piece of clothing he owns, dirty!!! LOL!

David’s last class was out by noon on Tuesday, so Bill picked him up after noon and they were home by about 9:30 last night. He is in dire need of a hair cut, his last one being in August before he left for college! And he made the statement that he had to do some laundry before he went to bed, as he had nothing clean left to wear. He brought home a huge laundry bag of dirty clothes and his backpack full of books. No pillows, nothing else. Good thing I have some extra blankets and pillows around.

I’m sorry I missed out on the trip, as Bill said that David talked non-stop for about the first three hours of the trip home, so I missed out on all the good stuff! Maybe he’ll repeat some of it today.

We have two invites out for Thanksgiving Dinner, but David wants to stay home, so it looks like I need to buy a turkey today! Although David did say he’d just as soon have Bar-B-Que Potatoes from Big Bob Gibson’s in Decatur. Wonder if they are open tomorrow?

Charles plans to “double-dip” tomorrow for Thanksgiving. He’s been invited to go with his girl friend to both of her grandparent’s houses for two Thanksgiving Dinners! And Kat is having her in-laws to her place, so it looks like we’ll be a quiet threesome tomorrow. Suits me fine!