Well, Bill ended up going to Evansville by himself to pick up David. Charles was sick enough yesterday that I didn’t feel comfortable leaving him alone today. He was much improved by bedtime, but still had a pretty rough day yesterday. And after his improvement on Sunday and then relapse on Monday, I wasn’t going to leave him alone. So Bill went by himself.

He had two appointments in Nashville, but the directions to the first one were not very good and he got lost. By the time her found the place, did what he had to do there (which took longer than it was supposed to), his second appointment time had come and gone. Unfortunately, the second appointment’s time was booked up for the afternoon, so I guess he’ll have to make another trip to Nashville to meet some other time.

In the meantime, David is calling at 11 a.m. to let us know that he is ready! I told him he better get some lunch, because it’s going to be around 3 p.m. before Bill gets to Evansville.

It’s been a quiet morning and I’ve updated two more e-mail lists pages on my website and fine-tuned some other pages. Also washed some dishes and done some laundry. And now it’s time to go begin cleaning a path to David’s bed! Actually, what I wanted to do was make room here in my office for Miss Munchkin’s port-a-crib so that Kat could spend the night Friday if she wanted to, provided we’re not all sick with the bug by then. Shawn’s work schedule becomes pretty hectic for the next month or so, so I thought she might like to stay here one night while David is here to spend more time with her brother. To do that, I’ve got to remove a huge amount of stuff that is piled on the floor in my office and then move Miss Munchkin’s things from David’s room to here. And then maybe there will actually be room for David in David’s room!

Guess I better get started!