I checked my blog yesterday because I could not remember when I had last written. November 1st! Imagine that. What a busy month November has been. As you can see by my NaNo count, though, I have not been busy writing my novel.

So what have I been doing? Mainly updating my website. Rewording some pages. Making better intros. Checking links. Adding ads. Trying to make my website pay me back something other than just the satisfaction of knowing I have helped other homeschoolers.

I did write a small amount (500 words) yesterday on my novel. And actually got another 500 words written early this morning. Charles woke me up at 6 a.m., sick again. So after Bill went to work, I stayed up and worked in my office, which is right next to Charles’s bedroom. He was quiet for about an hour, resting, but not sleeping. So I was able to write then. But since about 8 a.m. he has kept me busy: needing drinks, vomit pails emptied, covers on, covers off, baths drawn. I am not accomplishing much today!

Charles came down with this nasty stomach bug on Saturday. He was sick, sick, sick on Saturday. Stomach cramps, vomited, diarrhea, fever. He was better yesterday. Slept most of the day and woke up hungry. Announced he was going to karate on Monday. But this morning he is worse again. Not as bad as Saturday, but still sick. The one good thing seems to be that Charles has not had a violent recurrence of his post-tetanus vaccination reactions. He has had a couple of mild reactions, which were quickly squashed with some antihistamine, so hopefully the after-effects of that vaccination are slowly receding.

Tomorrow we are supposed to go to Evansville to pick up David. Bill took the day off and we were both going to go, but with Charles still sick I am not sure whether I’ll be going or not. It will be a long day for just one driver. Of course, David does have his driver’s license, but it’s been a few months since he’s driven. Penelope is a nice easy car to drive, so maybe he could help out some with the driving back home. He’ll be home until Sunday, when we have to take him back to college.

So I guess that’s all the news today! I need to try to get David’s room cleaned out a bit. We have been using it for the “catch-all” room since he went away to college in August. I’m sure he would appreciate begin able to actually get to his bed, let alone lie down on it!