I listed the kittens on FreeCycle this morning. They are so adorable, I am sure they will find new homes quickly! There’s one or two that I’d love to keep, but with six already, I guess I can’t be picky if someone wants to give a home to any of them!

Here’s a link to some pics, which will probably only work for a few weeks:

I am slowly getting used to having it quieter here, although it doesn’t seem like I’ve been home long enough to have to worry about it. I’d like a couple of more days like last Monday where I had four or five hours at home alone! I accomplished quite a bit that day!

I’ve just about completed updating my church school listings on my website:

There are only two or three listed that I do not have updated for this year. If I don’t hear from them soon, I’ll have to remove them from the listing. And I have some more to try to locate contact info for, but those are not listed on the site. Mainly I just wanted those on the site to have current information. And then it will be time to get working on the other sections of my website. Websites always need more work!