David called

Well, he’s alive and knows how to use the phone! David called yesterday and he was doing great! And he sounded like it was going great. It seems that his FlexPlan Menu card allows him to get food at the sub shop where they sell pizza and root beer. And it’s just a short walk from his dorm. His Internet speed is about 100 times faster than our dial-up connection. And he and five other guys (one being his roommate) all went bowling, which David has always enjoyed. So life is good!

Classes began yesterday (Wednesday) and David was calling because he needed to buy some additional books. And so he needed to check his bank account online, which he didn’t set up before he left home, even though mom had advised him to! Not only that, but he did not have his bank account number with him nor the pin number he needed to access his account online. Nice to have a mom who keeps things like that on file and knows where they are.

It was nice to hear, though, that he was doing so well and enjoying himself. Of course, his dad is worried that he’ll enjoy himself too much! We shall see!

And yesterday while Charles was at karate, I went to visit Kat and play with Miss Munchkin. Took some pictures, which I have yet to look at. Watched her scoot around in her walker and crawl. She certainly is mobile! Tomorrow I will write more about Miss Munchkin.

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  1. Ashley

    hi Mrs. Gibson, I doubt you remember me but I was at Soar 2 and was one of the people hanging around with David. (we went for smoothies the last day) I just wanted to comment and say hi and say I was one of the five “guys” that went bowling lol. me david sonya eric jonathon and Dan went. It was fun times. his roommate seems like he could go pro at bowling. The rest of us, not so much. Well I hope you have a good week :^D

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