Well, it took a bit longer than I thought, but we now have more kittens. I had thought Friday morning that the other Fluffy was going to have her kittens. She had crawled in under our bed and was there most of the morning, but then she came out and wanted to go outside. So I then closed my bedroom door for the rest of the day, not really wanting kittens under my bed. That night Bill and I got home from dancing, David informed us that the TV was now making strange noises. Mewing noises. Fluffy 2 had crawled in behind a bookcase that is next to the dresser where the TV sits and had her kittens on the floor there. Not a lot of room and rather awkward to get to, but obviously she felt protected there. Fluffy 2 hasn’t left her kittens alone for very long, but we have been able to peek behind the bookcase with a flashlight and determine that there are three kittens there.

Finally today Fluffy 2 went outside for a bit longer than she has the last couple of days, long enough so that I had time to slide the bookcase out a bit and put a box back behind there. So now at least I can change the towel in the box every few days. While I was doing that, I got a nice look at the newest kittens and they look amazingly like the first batch of three kittens! Two gray with white feet and one dark tiger, almost a calico, with some gold mixed in with the black and gray stripes. No wonder they look alike, though, since I can’t tell the mother cats apart and I believe the father was the same tomcat.

The first litter of kittens is now beginning to move around some. I played with them a bit on Saturday and Sunday so they can begin to get used to being handled by people. At least they no longer hiss and spit when I walk into the room.

So, six kittens to find homes for in the coming weeks. And I still haven’t seen Silkie in several weeks now. I guess something must have happened to her, which figures since she was the more adventurous one. And she was also my favorite. Maybe I’ll have to adopt one of these new kittens to replace her. Do I really need more cats???