It must be summer. I’ve had barely any time to crochet lately. I almost miss having to drive David to his dual enrollment college classes at Calhoun each morning. At least then I had an hour, some days almost two hours, solely devoted to either reading or crocheting. Or maybe I should begin to go sit at karate again in the evenings, waiting for Charles to get finished with classes, instead of just dropping him off and letting Bill pick him on his way home. I got a lot of crocheting done there. But here at home it seems like there’s always something else I have to be or should be doing. Dishes, laundry, e-mail, playing with Miss Munchkin, playing Mah-Jong, paying bills, working on webpages, etc., etc., etc. No time for crocheting. And this month the Nextel Cup races are on cable stations, so I can’t even plan on a Sunday afternoon of race watching and crocheting.

I’m currently working on an afghan for David for college, but at the rate I’m going with it, there is no way I’ll have it done by the time he heads of to Evansville. He’ll be lucky if he gets it by the time the snow flies up there. And then I’ve several projects I want to work on. Each day, Annie’s Attic has a free pattern on their website:

So now, in addition to the dozens of books and pamphlets I have with crochet patterns, I’ve been saving many of the patterns from Annie’s Attic. I’ll never have enough time to crochet them all. It’s like books … so many to crochet, so little time!

I do need to begin planning Christmas presents, if I’m going to crochet anything for Christmas. There’s a lion I’d love to make for Miss Munchkin. And my niece Chelsea graduates from high school next year, so I need to think of what afghan to make for that present. Oh, and I know of a new baby that’ll be making his/her way into the world around the first of the year, so I’ll have to make a baby blanket. Lots of projects! Guess I better quit blogging and get to work crocheting!