Happy Anniversary to Us!

Twenty-seven years ago today Bill and I tied the knot. Twenty-seven years! Wow. I’m not sure whether I’m amazed that we’ve made it this far or amazed at how quickly the years have flown by.

July 7, 1979 was a picture perfect day; sunny with a brilliant blue sky filled with fluffy white clouds. You couldn’t have asked for a more lovely July day. The day went smoothly, no major hitches in all the proceedings, and all the various branches of the families got along well for the day. Or at least, I never heard of any problems afterwards!

So, what will we do today to celebrate? Let’s see … hubby went to work. I stayed home and ran my IRC homeschool chat all morning, played with Miss Munchkin, washed some dishes, boned out some chicken, the usual stuff. And tonight we will do our regular Friday night square dancing. Maybe we’ll do something special tomorrow night to celebrate, like go to a movie or dinner out, or maybe we won’t. The company Bill works for is having their annual summer “do” at the local water park, which includes a bar-be-que dinner and water rides. Somehow I’m underwhelmed at the thought!

Now’s the time to plan something big for our 30th! If I begin saving now, a dollar a day, let’s see … that would come to $1095.00 in three years. Wow! That would certainly cover more than a movie and dinner out! Think big! We could travel to the coast and have seafood, although the south coast is a bit warm this time of year. Maybe Maine and lobster!

Miss Munchkin is 4 months old today. I took a lot of pictures of her and Kat and Shawn yesterday. Now to find the time to sort through them and get some actually printed for family members. I’ve not had any printed since she was a week old. She sure has changed since then!

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  1. pg

    Wish I had known it was your anniversary. Congrats and best wishes!

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