God, I hate grocery shopping! Let me list some of reasons why I hate shopping for groceries:

  1. Prices. You can’t even buy a decent loaf of bread anymore for under $2.00.
  2. Meat. After living on the farm and raising our own meat, I always feel like I’m gambling when I buy meat. And the prices! It used to be I could buy something fairly decent and edible for under $2 a pound. Not anymore! Who can afford $8 a pound steak?!
  3. Sales. Again, I feel like I’m gambling whenever I pick up something on sale. The last time I bought frozen fish on sale it was all dried out and tasted terrible. I had to feed it to the cats.
  4. Choices. Too many of them! The cereal aisle alone is like buying a new car. A new make and model out every time your turn around.
  5. Coupons. I never find coupons for the items I prefer to purchase. And the coupons I do find are for items full of corn syrup. Which brings me to my next reason…
  6. Corn Syrup! It’s in everything! Everywhere! It takes two and three times as long to shop just because you have to look at every item’s ingredient list.
  7. And just when you find a brand or item you like, the store quits carrying it.

But, it was payday, so grocery shopping was the item of the day. Let’s see … I spent $175. Think that will last us very long? I’ll guarantee we’ll be out of yogurt, bread and juice within three days!

And, as if grocery shopping wasn’t going to be painful enough, what do I do but decide I’ll pop into the clothing store next door first and see if I can find a new top. Hah! Who was I kidding?! Nothing like trying on clothes to make one think they should buy less food! Hey! Maybe I just found a good way to save on the grocery bill! Somehow, though, I don’t think my teens will approve of my economy. They seem to like to eat. What’s up with that, anyway?!