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Dats Not Caillou

Miss Munchkin has a new favorite television show, Caillou, which is on PBS. Caillou is a 4-year-old boy with a younger sister, Rosie, parents, grandparents, and quite the imagination. It is all Miss Munchkin has wanted to watch for the past week or two. Whenever the TV comes on, she’ll look at it and say “dats not Caillou” as she shakes her head. And that means “it should be Caillou, why isn’t Caillou on, I want to watch Caillou!” I have been taping it and she is watching those taped shows over and over and over. I like that it’s not a frenetic montage of images like Sesame Street. Instead it is three small segments of storylines that are familiar, every day occurrences for most preschoolers.

Here’s a pic of Miss Munchkin at the wedding. She looked so grown up and so unlike herself with her hair jelled and slicked back!

Miss Munchkin looking all grown up!

On a totally unrelated note, we spent some time Sunday at our old place, back in the woods in Alabama. We were there about two hours and I succeeded in getting poison oak on my legs while Bill got chiggers, a tick, and spider bites. We were relieved, though, to find that all was in good shape; the a/c unit still worked fine, no water leaks, no broken tiles on the roof, etc. Now to just get the place listed and sold!

Home and a few pics

We made it home last night (Monday) after a long day of driving. We got started late, which meant getting home later than we had hoped. And I came down with a cold over the weekend, with yesterday being the worst day of the cold, lots of sneezing and stuffed up head. Plus it’s extra tiring making such a quick trip, eight hours up on Saturday, all the events Saturday night and Sunday, and then eight hours back home on Monday. But it was a lovely wedding and I will be adding more pics throughout the week as I have a chance to sort through them.

Wedding Announcement

Wedding Announcement

Rebecca and Charles Gibson

Rebecca and Charles Gibson

Wedding Bells

Happy Anniversary to Bill’s brother and sister-in-law on their thirty-second anniversary today!! My, how time flies! Bill and I will be celebrating our twenty-ninth anniversary in July, July 7th, to be exact. We had planned to do a weekend getaway, possibly to Apalachicola. There is a lovely bed and breakfast there, aptly named The Gibson Inn, that I thought would be fun to stay at.

I guess that particular trip will have to wait until next year, though. Instead, this weekend we will be traveling back to north Alabama to celebrate with Charles and his girl friend Rebecca the occasion of their wedding on Sunday. Charles called us on Monday with the news and particulars about the event.

So this week has been a flurry of clothes shopping, making kennel arrangements for the dog, room arrangements for us, hair cuts, etc. I spent hours, and I do mean hours (just ask Kat!), at the mall last evening finding something appropriate to wear, only to discover this morning that part of the outfit fell out of the bag somewhere between the checkout counter and the car. So now I have to go back to the mall tonight, either to retrieve the item that someone hopefully found or purchase a replacement. That will make three nights in a row at the mall, definitely some sort of Olympic triathlon record for me!

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