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2011 Mommytography 365 Project Sunday Assignment

Tuesday Blanket and Taxes Update

Liana’s Birthday Blanket progress

I am making excellent progress on Liana’s Birthday blanket. If I can keep up this pace, I could have it done before the end of the month! That would be wonderful.

I spoke too soon about the scorpions yesterday … another rather large one was on the sticky pads […]

Weekly Overview March 10, 2014

A geranium that survived the winter.

Outside My Window… I have a geranium that survived the winter.

I am thinking… that I really should have eaten more sensibly last night when we went out to dinner.

I am thankful for…

From the kitchen… the dishes are piled up while potatoes and spaghetti squash […]

Weekly Overview February 24, 2014

The ironwood tree is alive with bees!

Outside My Window… the ironwood tree is alive with bees! (You can see at least one bee in this picture.)

I am thinking… about upcoming birthdays, scorpions, and chocolate.

I am thankful for… figuring out that I needed to add some beans to morning smoothie. Since […]