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Spring – *365-068

Sunday Assignment 10 ~ Word: Spring


From last year’s garden!

Birthday Girl – *365-061


Sunday Assignment 9 ~ I Spy: Hearts

Munchkin will be 5 this coming week! Here’s a picture of her just three days old, along with one of the birthday gifts that Grandma needs to get into the mail!

This is the same framed photo I used in the Sunday Assignment 4, another “I Spy” assignment! See the heart pillow in the photo?

Yuma Square Dance Festival Ribbons – *365-047

Sunday Assignment 7 ~ Tech: Re-Create Image

Our assignment this week is to re-create this image and yet make it our own.

no color

Here’s the original with color:

with color

Another attempt:

less color

And the original:


And the badges as we wore them all weekend:

Yuma Square Dance Festival ribbons

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