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Monday Morning Walk on Tuesday – 365 – 096

This week’s Monday Morning Walk was taken Tuesday afternoon, after I finished taxes!  They are done!  All that is left is filing and writing two checks.  <sigh>  Not happy about owing, but I am happy they are done and I am happy there is money in the bank to pay what we owe.  It […]

Monday Morning Walk, March 28 – 365 – 087

It is another beautiful sunny morning in southeastern Arizona. It was about 55 degrees when I started my walk at 8:40 this morning, but there was no wind and the sun quickly warmed me up. So, what did I see this morning? The first thing I saw was the blimp rising in the sky.


More Signs of Spring – 365 – 086

An Ocotillo Cactus beginning to leaf out.

Close up of the leaves. Notice the thorns!