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2011 Mommytography 365 Project Sunday Assignment

The Road Less Traveled

Yesterday’s post ended with a road sign and multiple possible directions to take. Did you guess correctly? Given the choice, Bill and I will always take the scenic route, choosing a route we’ve never been on before rather than going back the way we came. We took the dusty eight mile dirt road to […]

Empire Ranch Fall Roundup

Saturday Bill and I ventured out to the Empire Ranch Fall Roundup. I have always wanted to visit the Empire Ranch, mostly just to see what was beyond the hill where the sign is located. The Roundup seemed like a good excuse to go, so we did. I honestly didn’t think it was an […]

Spring Means Wildfire Season – 365 – 144

I took this picture Sunday coming north on Route 83 towards Sonoita. They had a small wildfire there about a month ago.

The sign obviously was burnt off at the ground, as we could see metal pipes where they had put it back into the ground after the fire.

Yesterday afternoon we were […]