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2016 Update – Part One

It’s been quite some time since I posted any sort of update.  I’ll try to give some highlights from the past few months.


Kat, Fiona, & Fred came for a visit. Fred stayed for a week and then drove home to get back to work.  Kat & Fiona stayed the rest of the […]

Making The Pool Warmer

In an attempt to make our pool warmer – just a wee bit warmer! – Bill has devised a solar heating system using black hose and a circulating pump.

First the fence needed covering with linseed oil, the last remaining piece of our fence project last year.  We covered it with two coats over […]

Weekly Overview May 9, 2016

Outside My Window… I can see this front flowerbed from my office window, although today it is a rather wet and dreary looking.  In addition to the brilliant gold of the Solana Coreopsis, there is also a Sabine Baur Daylily (yet to bloom), a painted daisy, a pinkish-purple flowered lantana in the very […]