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2011 Mommytography 365 Project Sunday Assignment

Penny the Dog

A week ago today our dog Penny went to doggie heaven. The last year had been a hard one on Penny, with many illnesses, a surgery, and a skin infection that just wouldn’t go away. Each illness seemed to take a little more out of her. The final straw was a saddle thrombosis, which […]

Touched Worm!

Miss Munchkin had quite the scare last night while we were walking Penny. Lately she’s taken to picking up leaves, rocks, and sticks, carrying them for a ways and then dropping them as she sees something else more intriguing (rocks, though, quite often get brought home, but that’s a genetic thing – her Uncle […]

Tallahassee Parks and Museums

We did go to Wakulla Springs State Park last Sunday, but it was not a very successful venture. David went along rather unwillingly, taking his paper and pen with him, not planning on swimming, not ever wearing shorts. He sat under a tree the whole time we were there. Bill’s heels were hurting him […]