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Garden To Do List May 2016

I have so many garden ideas floating around in my head that I started a list last Friday.  I didn’t number it – thought that might be too depressing!  All the items crossed off are those that I accomplished over the weekend.  The bottom four items were added this morning.

put up brackets for […]

Granny Hexagon Afghan Progress

In late August I received a VERY large box of yarn from my mother.

She had been to a yard sale where they were selling a yarn. She filled a large box full of color-coordinated yarns and sent it to me. I am a giving person, always making things for other people, […]

Thursday’s Treasures – Christmas Tin

Some treasures are big and lumpy, others are small and shiny. This one is battered and well used.

Many years ago I received this tin filled with brown sugar fudge (a family recipe – another treasure!) as a Christmas gift from my mother. The fudge is long gone, but the tin is used […]