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Melancholy Monday

I am feeling at loose ends today. Not really bored, just can’t seem to settle on one thing to do. I was the same yesterday but I figured it was because I was thinking about Bill flying. He flew out of Tucson yesterday morning and I finally heard from him this morning at 9:30. He made it to Germany, safe and sound, but did not get a lot of sleep on the flight. And it’s cold and rainy. And he had to walk a lot in the Frankfurt terminal, which he says is the largest in the world. And now I’m waiting for him to get back from supper so we can talk again briefly before he goes to sleep. So I suppose it is understandable to feel sort of unsettled. It’s times like these that I wish we lived so much closer to the East Coast. I could just take the car and drive to visit relatives, Munchkin, someone, and still be back in time to pick Bill up from the airport next Sunday. But the distances are just too great to do that. So I should just settle down and accomplish something this week! And I will. I already called the Pest Control people and they will be out tomorrow afternoon to deal with these ants!!! Enough with the ants, already!!!

Last week’s retake on the mammogram went fine. I got a call from the doctor’s office this morning; it seems there are a couple of areas they want to watch, something about calcifications or some such. The doctor herself is going to call me this afternoon. In the meantime, they are setting me up an appointment for another mammogram in six months just to see if anything changes in that time.

We are supposed to be receiving an insurance settlement check this week for the damages done to our mobile home in Alabama. It wasn’t as high as I would have liked, but it’s higher than I expected, so I guess I should be happy. And the water bill came and was not anything more than the usual monthly minimum charge I pay, so that was a pleasant surprise. It tells me that the break-in occurred only a day or so before it was discovered. I was envisioning several hundred dollars of water charges, like we ended up paying when the water pipe broke from freezing two years ago.

I began working on three different crochet projects this weekend, two for Munchkin for Christmas and one for myself. I’ve wanted to make myself a shawl for a long time and actually bought some yarn last March for the project (although I didn’t buy enough). The shawl is going to be tricky, though, so I cannot work on it when I don’t have my full attention to devote to it. No pics of anything this week, though, as Bill took the camera with him.

Mammogram and then Party Time!

Interesting contrast today. This morning I have a retake of last week’s Mammogram. The doctor wanted more views of the right side, so back I go this morning for another session of squeezing and flattening and “hold your breath.” Not fun at all. Bill is worried about the retake (that’s his job, I think, to worry), while I’m just sure it’s because the woman who was taking them last week was new and being supervised by someone else. She had to redo the right side once last week to satisfy her trainer. Besides, I don’t worry about such things … that’s Bill’s job!

And then at noon my clogging group is having a Going Away party for one of the long-time clogging members. She is moving to north Arizona in December, so we are all bringing a dish to pass, meeting at the instructor’s home, and enjoying some fun time. No dancing, although my knee seems to be doing much better and hopefully I can get back to dancing soon. By the time I get in to actually see a doctor about it, the danged thing will be all better! One can hope!

And I almost had a disaster this morning! I grabbed the Chinese Five Spice Powder to add to my oatmeal instead of the Chinese Cassia Cinnamon! Luckily I smelled the difference when I opened the bottle BEFORE I shook any into the oatmeal. That could have been quite a morning wake-up shake-up!