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You Might as Well Laugh

Two things this week that made me shake my head in wonder or dismay (I’m not really sure which!).

First, several times this past week I have found the thermostat to the heating/cooling system set to HOLD. I could not figure it out. It had been running on the scheduled program just fine when […]

Hiatus and Back

As you probably noticed, I took a five month break from blogging. I *think* I’m back. At least I’m taking pictures again, which I hadn’t been doing for several months either. I guess I needed a creative break and a chance to regroup.

Here’s what I have been doing in those five months:

Traveled […]

Unsettled Times

As you will have noticed, I got a bit behind in posting pictures this past week. I think I am now caught up to today and hopefully I’ll find something later today worthy of a picture! I also realized this morning that it is now May and time for an overview of April, which […]