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Back to normal

Life is back to normal today. We got our natural gas turned back on around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. 57 hours with no gas! We survived and so far there’s no evidence of any water pipe issues, so that is good news.

I finished my puzzle yesterday, so now it is time to look […]

Still No Gas

We’ve now been over 52 hours without natural gas. The gas workers are in the neighborhood; I saw some earlier this morning, but they are skipping around to different houses. I suspect they are still connected those who are on their “emergency” list, those sick or elderly or disabled. Eventually they will get around […]

Back again, hopefully!

Goodness, has it really been a month and a half since my last post? I certainly didn’t intend that. I seem to do things all or nothing and February was my month for catching up on the financial records and getting taxes filed, which I accomplished! It is such a nice feeling, having them […]