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2011 Mommytography 365 Project Sunday Assignment

Unsettled Times

As you will have noticed, I got a bit behind in posting pictures this past week. I think I am now caught up to today and hopefully I’ll find something later today worthy of a picture! I also realized this morning that it is now May and time for an overview of April, which […]

Afghan Progress

I finished crocheting the squares together yesterday during the Talladega race (Gordon came in third!) and decided to take a picture before I began the edging around the outside.

I don’t usually like crocheting afghans that you have to piece together, but I am still in love with the pattern and these particular […]

March Updates

March has been an interesting month. I have finally quite procrastinating and made serious progress in updating my Quicken accounts. I also have been using this time to go through my financial diary and update all the changed accounts there. I put together this Financial Diary in early 2009 and it has been a […]