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Chickasaw National Recreation Area Part Three

This little pool of water was downstream from Antelope Springs.

And just around the corner was Buffalo Springs.

This spring had a definitely sulphur smell to it.

I tried to get a picture of the water bubbles as they came up from the spring, but failed. It was very cool to […]

Chickasaw National Recreation Area

Bill and I recently took a Saturday day trip and spent the afternoon at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Oklahoma. It is actually easier (& just about as quick!) for us to drive north into Oklahoma, than it is to drive south to Dallas or Fort Worth, due to the crazy traffic. We […]

Grand Canyon Day Two

Sunday was a lovely day – clear blue sky, a few white puffy clouds, very little breeze, and a whole lot warmer! Our plan was to leave Williams and drive back to the South Rim, then take the Desert View drive from the Grand Canyon Village to the East Entrance of the park. There […]