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2011 Mommytography 365 Project Sunday Assignment

January Reality Check

January is two-thirds done now, so it seems like a good time to do a goals reality check.

1. Financial area – Quicken has not been updated. In fact, I’ve just begun getting things arranged for the New Year, spreadsheets created new for 2011, etc. I tackled my desk (again!) yesterday and that is […]

Wooden Indian – 365-015

This wooden Indian stands outside a nearby gas station, along with two other carved Western themed carved figures. This one makes me think of the song Kawliga sung by Hank Williams. It was one of my favorites that my mother sang and played on her guitar when I was a young […]

Clarity – 356-*005

Sunday Assignment 1 ~ Word:2011

2011 Clarity

Last week a friend mentioned to me the idea of One Little Word to focus on during the coming year. This is a word that speaks to your heart and represents where your mind is at the present or rather where you would like your mind […]