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Chiricahua Flooding

Last Monday I posted pictures of our Sunday trip to Chiricahua National Monument. Tuesday evening the Chiricahua National Forest received almost three inches of rain which resulted in floods and the closure of the upper areas of the park. The creek next to the visitor’s center knocked down trees and removed sections of Bonita Canyon Drive.

This picture was among several shared on the Chiricahua National Monument Facebook page:

flooding at Chiricahua National Monument

KVOA.com posted pictures of the Chiricahua flooding and a short video provided by the National Park Service.

No More Rain, Please

The forecast shows 30% chance of showers Friday and Saturday. While we’ve been dry, we really do not need more rain right now. Many areas are still flooded from last week’s rain that fell in Georgia (21 inches in some areas of Georgia) and is still racing its way south through Florida. The Suwannee, Withlacoochee and Alapaha rivers are all experiencing dangerous flooding. Some of Bill’s coworkers have not been able to get to work at all this week.

One major east – west road in North Florida, U.S. Highway 90, is closed at the Madison/Suwannee county line where the Suwannee River bridge is being threatened by floodwaters. Many other Big Bend roads are closed. And Interstate 10 may possibly be closed due to the Suwannee river flooding.

We are learning that it is not tornadoes we need to be concerned with here in the Big Bend area. It is water!

Pictures of local flooding from the Tallahassee Democrat

Pictures of south Georgia and north Florida flooding from the Tallahassee Democrat